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Features for Customers

Features for the Dealers

  • Targeted incentives and offers

    Based on user profile, interests, and history
  • Push notifications

    To send promotions directly to device
  • Maintenance reminders

    Encourage your customers to not miss their milestone services
  • 3D models of cars

    Easy to view and navigate from the mobile device. Additional fee applies
  • Easy handling of lead submission

    Manage leads, nurture pre-leads, follow-up and follow-through. All from an easy Admin dashboard.
  • Innovative competitive counter -offers

    Beat local competing businesses by giving real-time geo-coded counter-offers to your customers.
  • Awesome videos of cars

    Attractive presentation of car images, along with a powerful sales pitch. Additional fee applies
  • Extensive analytics

    Usage statistics and marketing data, to help optimize your mobile strategy.
According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, time that consumers spend in mobile apps is starting to challenge television.